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Bohemia Crystal and glass from the manufacturer!

Czech firm - Aleks Crystal s.r.o. until 2009 was engaged in the decoration and engraved Bohemian glass. Sales were in the domestic market of the Czech Republic, and soon the Czech glass began to sell in bulk in most European countries.

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Gradually we switched to cutting and engraving and in 2009 started working with Bohemian crystal. At first it was pure crystal without gold, but with rich grinding. Soon our series of Bohemia crystal began to expand – it was already such series as" Scheherazade "with gold and stucco, "Cold Flowers" classic cut and grinding crystal.

In 2010, our products are interested not only in Europe and USA but also in Asia, Arab countries.

Our range expanded, now it became not only crystal glasses – we offer to buy vases for flowers, vases for fruit, decanters, bowls, slides and even tea sets. All the work of the company "Aleks-Crystal" is different from some standards. Let it be the same shape as the competitors – but it will be original and good work: grinding, gold, stucco, etc.

In early 2012, our company moved to the author's decor, which goes to the masses – that is, this exclusive work at prices slightly higher than our standard. These are high floor vases from 30 cm to 1 meter. Also here are vases for fruit and sweets with a diameter from 21 cm to 37 cm. All forms for them are blown specially under the order. They are applied as the original decor and decor of our series.

Over the past years, we have created many new series, away from the usual classic decors. Every year we add new ones, as well as upgrade the previous series of Bohemian crystal.

Soon we showed completely new works on our website. It was not only the original forms, our new series "Germanika" - work antique (leaflet) using paint of different colors (red, blue, green), as well as another series of fully colored crystal "Jasmine".

Bohemian glass technology

About our series of crystal and glass you can read on the page "Series", find out when a particular series came out, description and technology, as well as new products.

More information about Colored crystal and Bohemia glass can be found in the section "Technology", what features has crystal, stage of production, complexity, composition (12%, 24% and 30% PbO), and much interesting related to this topic.


To this day, we are happy to cooperate with our customers, and will be glad to new ones who looking at our work, probably want to buy a piece of Bohemian crystal itself. For cooperation (buy Bohemian crystal and glass wholesale) go to the "Wholesalers" – fill out the form and send (in any language), then we will send you a price list. You can also contact us by e-mail.

Pricing and discounts depend on the amount of the order.

Communication by phone: in Czech, English and Russian.

On all questions write to us by email: admin@aleks-crystal.com

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