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Bohemian glass and Czech crystal in the online store!

In our catalog you can buy crystal tableware and interior products from the Czech Republic!

To your attention we offer Bohemian crystal, namely: glasses for wine, glasses for whiskey, champagne, flower and fruit vases, candlesticks and much more.

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Since we produce all the dishes, we have the lowest prices and an exclusive range, and also provide a guarantee for gold and paint!

All Czech crystal is blown and cut by hand, then goes through chemical polishing. After that, they begin to decorate it - it can be small-scale molding, gold, engraving, etc. Our range also includes colored crystal: blue, red, green and other colors!

Bohemian glass without leaving home:

Our company offers dishes from the original glass of Bohemia: glasses and vases, bowls and napkin holders, etc. We have colored glass in four shades: red, white, blue and green - it is decorated with modeling with flowers, decals, zloty and platinum!

We deliver all our products to any country in the world, we have three dispatch depots! Most parcels go no more than 10 days, sending is carried out by air communication and cost from $ 20!

We are waiting for your orders and your pleasant emotions from shopping!

What is the difference between glass and crystal?

Czech crystal is glass mass made from silica, soda and lead oxide. Czech glass is made from soda or potash, lime and silica and contains no lead oxide at all. Lead oxide makes the glass mass heavier, thicker and softer – which enables us to cut into it. It also increases the clarity and light refraction of glass mass.

On the other hand Czech glass is thinner, more fragile and harder. That is why the Czech glass is not decorated by cutting, but rather by engraving and painting. In the USA glass, which contains more that 1% of lead oxide, is considered to be crystal. However, Bohemia or Czech crystal contains between 10 – 30% of lead oxide. Particularly our hand-made crystal contains 24% of lead oxide, which is the top quality. 30% crystal is too soft and it is used for some of the crystal trimmings only.