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The glasses of "Scheherazade" are one of the most expensive series of the Czech company Aleks Crystal s.r.o.

And not in vain!

Blowed by hand from 24% PbO, have a crystalline appearance and not heavy, as if thought. After they are blown out, the set is given to the masters of grinding and cutting, which cut out deep patterns. Next, after cutting, sent to polishing, to cut out the edges of crystal to give shine. After they are sent to the art workshop, they first put on them liquid gold (with the gold content of 24%), then sent to the kiln for firing.

But that is not all!

After roasting gold, the wine glasses begin to paint with floral motifs and sculpt flowers on them. By the way, these flowers are molded, also on the basis of glass, lacquers, clay! Then again burn in an oven.

The difficulty of calcination of crystal, in contrast to glass, lies in its maximum temperature of 500 g, so that, in contrast to glass (up to 1300 grams), this process is closely monitored!

That's all the glasses are ready, they are packed in a gift box with a cloth inside and on each label of the producer!