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About Bohemian glass and crystal!

Bohemian cut crystal – legend tested by the time

Bohemian cut crystal is a traditional Czech glassmaker’s invention. At the end of the 18th century it was found that, thanks to the addition of Lead, glass acquires unique optical properties. Thus was born the Lead cut crystal. For its lightness and beauty, cut crystal is admired and respected throughout the world. Containing 24% of Lead ensures its gorgeous shimmer and high quality.

Lead crystal, especially when hand-cut, has much higher refractive index than the glass has. This ensures its higher refraction and maximum suitability for decorative purposes. Lead cut crystal will brighten up any interior. We carry various colors, shapes and cuts.

Cut crystal is divided into following categories:

• Traditional cut – so called PK 500 or 57001 cut. This is the all-time bestseller.

• Pinwheel cut – more dynamic cut with the star in the middle.

• Contemporary cut – various modern, both simple and intricate cut decors.

• Gold paint enameled crystal – gilded crystal with raised enamel paint.

• Colored cut crystal – overlaid or cased crystal in various colors and cuts.

• Art Nouveau crystal – decorative glass of the 19th and early 20th century also called Art Deco crystal.

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Overlaid or so-called cased colored cut crystal

This technique is used to produce a two-tiered effect in the crystal. The inner and outer layers are of different colors, producing an appearance of depth in the piece. Sometimes, the outer crystal layer is ground away in patterns, leaving the inner layer to shine through. This technique produces stunning results.

Bohemian Glass section is divided into following categories:

- High Enamel glass – Selection of vases, drinking and coffee sets, bowls, glasses, tumblers, boxes and baskets decorated with gilding and High Enamel raised paint with floral motives. All glass products in this category traditionally come either in green, red or blue color.

- Hot-shaped glass – This is the line for upscale style and taste. Composed of both traditional and modern pieces, this is the collection that you will find on the best dining tables the world over. Hot shaping is done by hand with the use of wooden tools right at the hot-furnace. Except for vases, plates and bowls, you can find lots of various other items in this line as well: Free-shaped figurines, flowers and decorative fruits and vegetables.

- Historical glass replicas –This line is like a trip through the history of glassmaking in Bohemia. We carry replicas of Ancient, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque Glass, glass from 17th, 18th and 19th century and also Art Nouveau and Egermann glass replicas from the first half of the last century.

- Limited edition glass – View our beautiful and limited collection of art vases, bowls and drinking sets in colored or clear crystallite glass execution. This is actually the most exclusive collection we do have to offer. All items are decorated by hand with the deep relief sandblasting technique. Truly amazing!

What is the difference between glass and crystal?

Czech crystal is glass mass made from silica, soda and lead oxide. Czech glass is made from soda or potash, lime and silica and contains no lead oxide at all. Lead oxide makes the glass mass heavier, thicker and softer – which enables us to cut into it. It also increases the clarity and light refraction of glass mass. On the other hand Czech glass is thinner, more fragile and harder. That is why the Czech glass is not decorated by cutting, but rather by engraving and painting. In the USA glass, which contains more that 1% of lead oxide, is considered to be crystal. However, Bohemia or Czech crystal contains between 10 – 30% of lead oxide. Particularly our hand-made crystal contains 24% of lead oxide, which is the top quality. 30% crystal is too soft and it is used for some of the crystal trimmings only.

Bohemian glass collection include a wide range of products from the simplest hot-shaped, colored glass products to the art pieces, in which our glass masters show their skills and true mastery.