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Mainly light, small shapes, such as vodka glasses or plain glasses are formed with use of automated devices. The human work is limited to the preparation and melting of the glass mass, which from the glass oven (glass bath) is directed to the automated forming devices, which form the required products. Human work has given the example which helped to engineer the main principles of operation of the machinery units. The forms, which are to be obtained are also subject to being blown out. Hot soft glass obtains its form thanks to the carefully chosen pressure, which influences and interacts with the heated mass.

The automated line consists of two automated devices cooperating with each other. One of them – the press - is used in the process of formation of glass stools, the second device forms the cup element of the glass with the use of the blowing technique.

The synchronisation of the automated devices allows to precisely connect the stool with the cup just in the right time. Despite the fact that that the above process is an automated long-series manufacturing process, we are able to offer a rich assortment of sets within various shapes and sizes.

Similarly to the other formation methods all of the products are de-stressed and reinforced.

Cooled and de-stressed products are then decorated. The job of a glass craftsman is a very difficult one. In the case of small vodka or liquor glasses the cuts are the same but their size is appropriately decreased. This means that the process of cutting out small motifs and patterns requires a lot of precision.

The decorated crystals undergo quality control procedures and are packed in a way that provides protection of the fragile glass during transport.