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After the execution of the de-stressing process all of the products are passed to the decorative department. The patterns cut and engraved by our specialists constitute our products' trademark. The traditionally rich and frequently placed cuts from the city of Zawiercie require a huge dose of craftsmanship well as patience from our specialists. It is thanks to their work that our products are highly valued and wanted on numerous foreign markets.

Chemical polishing constitutes the final decoration phase. All of the products are polished using a mixture of sulphuric and hydrofluoric acids, in order to give them the right gloss. The polishing process is conveyed automatically in the baths which have been designed specifically for that purpose. Once this process is finished,the majority of the products are additionally decorated by means of shading, matt or engraving processes. Engraving constitutes the highest degree of the art of glass decoration and it is mastered by very few, gifted professionals.

The ready products are subject to the detailed, final quality control in order to eliminate any faulty products.

The ready, decorated products are subject to the manual quality control, before they are sorted and manually packed. This procedure allows to eliminate any faulty or damaged items and therefore to achieve much higher manufacturing quality. All of the crystal products are packed into decorative boxes and shipped to the warehouse, where they await to be sent to the domestic and foreign clients.