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The technological process of production:

The technological production process of crystal glass products is a multi-phase process which requires maintenance of many parameters in such a manner that the final product meets the visual as well as technical requirements. The most important manufacturing parameters, which decide upon the quality of crystals are... Read more ►


The pressed glass initial production phases are equivalent to the ones described in the section discussing blown glass processing methods.

During the process of manufacturing of the pressed products glass mass is fed into the form, within which during the pressing process raw material obtains its shape. This method is applied mainly in the process of the manufacturing of larger series, for instance candle holders, plates and ash trays... Read more ►


Mainly light, small shapes, such as vodka glasses or plain glasses are formed with use of automated devices. The human work is limited to the preparation and melting of the glass mass, which from the glass oven (glass bath) is directed to the automated forming devices, which form the required products.

Human work has given the example which helped to engineer the main principles of operation of the machinery units. The forms, which are to be obtained are also subject to being blown out. Hot soft glass obtains its form thanks to the carefully chosen pressure, which influences and interacts with the heated mass... Read more ►


After the execution of the de-stressing process all of the products are passed to the decorative department. The patterns cut and engraved by our specialists constitute our products' trademark.

The traditionally rich and frequently placed cuts from the city of Zawiercie require a huge dose of craftsmanship well as patience from our specialists. It is thanks to their work that our products are highly valued and wanted on numerous foreign markets... Read more ►